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A Fairly Urgent Update 'Cos I Feel Like It

Okay well screw this1, I’m writing a frigging update on my book because I need to shame myself into progress. Every day, I keep getting ideas for the next scene in my book, yesterday I was storyboarding a connection between my first scene and my second act climax (which is bloody mind-blowing) and now I have a whole textbook full of story ideas and yet no new progress just an extra ten thousand words which (in the context of the size of my manuscript) is pretty bleeding pathetic, considering the fact that I was going to commit to a entire month of just writing. What I neglected to do though, was block it out for work, family engagements, friend’s birthday parties and other social things that just make me feel terrible when they finish. I hate being social because I’m not that kind of person and so doing that is excruciating especially when I remember that I wrote a thousand+ word essay on how terrible my project was tracking.

Soooo, yeh.

I’ve got 70’s era music that is not the Beatles and is hip and campy to write to but doesn’t get played2, I’ve got an idea of an omniscient blind stage manager in another dimension who helps with the structure of the second act a lot so as it is not a bloody slog to write through. The ending is one of the most complex things I’ve ever thought of and it really is too late to try and change so I’d say that’s what is scaring me. Quite a lot actually. It’s all the characters meeting together and sharing their common hatred of the villain who really was a good guy who just did one selfish thing that snowballed and took any vestiges of his old personality in its wake. The second act is just a pain really, because now I have to explain how this situation, in an entirely new setting was created and then have to return to the old one and then have the protagonist do a bunch of smart-sounding-at-first-but-hey-wait-this-is-actually-incredibly-stupid stuff to further the plot up to that point.

Thank you for attending my rant, there’s (probably) a bar of chocolate for you on your way out, hope you have a nice life and aren’t toiling away in a dungeon working on making words work together when it seems like they’d rather be holidaying in sunny Sydney.

Kind regards,

A cursed monkey.


1 : ‘screw this’ being as close to a cus-word as Inky will let me.

2 : for a small perspective on my music library, a small search on my phone proves that my music tastes last up until Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and then the next latest being Wild Planet by the B52’s.


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For the social gatherings, is there any way to politely decline? Being swamped in schoolwork - lie or not - always works as an excuse for me. Oh, and thanks for the chocolate, although I reckon you yourself ought to have some too. And something relaxing, like tea. Or maybe you'd prefer bananas? Anyway, look after yourself.

12th Apr, 19