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An Update on Writing

Hello all,

I’ve been making great strides. Finally. I don’t have the story outline for the NaNiWriMo project yet (I’m doing that in the first few days, doing nothing but that), I’m just setting up characters that’ll be in it, and just trying to find a setting. I’m well aware that a lone school in a post-apocalyptic winterland does not exist and so I can’t research that, I’ve been trying to find the music.

The world I’ve created is advanced beyond the 21st century by so many years, yet the tech is a combination of 90’s and modern day, with the only music preserved, and found for that matter, are 50’s music, 50’s pop more specifically. There’s a character I’ve been meaning to write for a long time, and I think I can. He’s deaf, crippled by an illness and driven to the brink of madness and insanity by the school’s apathy. But he’s not the bad guy, he just wants to escape, by any means possible considering that one leg is lame and he can’t hear. Looking through my dad’s record collection and actually buying a record player, I found something; Fern Jone’s This World Is Not My Home. It’s sad, bleak and somewhat depressing, but upbeat. Perfect. I’m going through the internet now and finding themes for all my different characters, but the ratio of depressing songs to upbeat in the 50’s is something like 100 depressing songs to three upbeat ones. After I’ve actually written the thing, I’ll let you know how writting them went. But one of the best songs I’ve found so far is The Four Prep’s Twenty-Six Miles. SOOOO good.

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I LOVELOVE linking music to stories, this whole idea is amaaazing and I can't wait to learn more!

21st Oct, 18